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Set up Fulfill Sync Advanced Settings for Shopify

In the Advanced Settings, it's all about filters.

You can filter by the following Paid Status

  • Paid,
  • Partially Paid
  • Partially Refunded
  • Paid + Partially Paid
  • Paid + Partially Refunded
  • Partially Paid + Partially Refunded
  • Paid + Partially Paid + Partially Refunded

You can also filter by the Column Index.
The filtered row will be ignored from the source file while updating fulfillments.

Notify Customer

As a default, it is turned on, send a shipping confirmation email to customers upon each fulfillment.

You can update Order financial status to Paid or Close or no change at all.

Keep in NOTE that this action requires EXTRA credit per order updated.

Click on the Update Source to finish your setup.

And begin fulfilling now

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